Daycare and Boarding Agreement

  • In consideration for the services provided by Paws & Play, LLC, I agree to the following:

    1. I certify that my dog is in good health and has not been ill with any communicable condition in the last 30 days. I further certify that my dog has neither harmed any person or any other dog, nor shown any aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other dog. I understand that in agreeing to admit my dog for services, Paws & Play and its staff have relied on my representations regarding my dog's health and behavior together with all other information provided in this agreement and any other supplemental documentation.

    2. I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for any and all harm, damage, and/or injury caused by my dog, including injury to persons and other dogs and damage to bedding and property.

    3. I understand that Paws & Play will exercise all due diligence and care in the guardianship of my dog. I hereby waive and release Paws & Play and its employees, officers, volunteers, and agents from liability of any nature for injury or damage and I expressly assume the risk of such injury or damage while my dog is in the care of Paws & Play.

    4. I understand that an interactive play setting is not without risk of some injury to my dog. I authorize Paws & Play, in its best judgment, to make appropriate decisions regarding veterinary treatment and I agree to pay any medical and/or veterinary expenses incurred as a result of illness or injury to, or caused by, my dog, and alternatively, I will not hold Paws & Play liable for failure to seek veterinary attention.

    5. Paws & Play reserves the right to refuse admittance to any dog and to terminate any service agreement at any time in its sole discretion.

    6. I agree that the many benefits of dog socialization outweigh the risks, and I specifically request a socialized environment for my dog while attending the Paws & Play.

    7. I have received, read, understand, and agree to the payment terms, fees and polices as outlined in Paws & Play's Daycare and Boarding General Information and Policies. Paws & Play may charge my credit card on file for all outstanding fees and expenses owed by me. I understand that collection procedures may be initiated for non-payment and that I will be responsible for all associated expenses, including attorney fees and court costs.

    8. I agree to indemnify Paws & Play, and its employees, officers, volunteers or agents from loss or damage of any kind incurred by them by reason of my dog's action or behavior.

    9. I warrant that I have the authority to represent all owners of this dog in signing this contract.