Why Choose Paws & Play Doggie Daycare in Columbus, GA?

Why should I bring my dog to Paws and Play Doggie Daycare and Boarding in Columbus, GA? Paws and Play Doggie Daycare and Boarding is the first and only full service doggie daycare in Columbus, GA. Here at Paws and Play Doggie Dayacre, we have the best facility, staff and services that you could want for your doggie friends. When you bring your dog to stay with us, you can rest assured that he is receiving the kind of love, care and affection that you would give him at home. Our facility has two spacious play areas, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. Each area is well equipped with climbing toys, chew toys, and lounging beds to suit your dog’s every unique desire. We also have a large, sanitary outdoor play area where your dog can go to bask in the sun or conduct any “"business."” In the middle of every day, all of our Paws and Play friends get escorted to our "“Paw Hotel"” where they get a couple hours of much needed beauty sleep. After our daily siesta, we bring all of our friends back into the play area where they can run around and enjoy themselves for the rest of the day.

Relax. We Offer Dog Grooming As Well

Don’t have time to trim your dog’s nails? Tired of struggling to bathe your over-sized dog in an undersized tub? Let us do the hard work for you. If your special pup needs more care than we can offer, our Paw Partners will come, pick them up, and do any professional dog grooming that needs to be done. Paw for Paw, our doggie friends pick Paws and Play above the rest. They will love coming to see our friendly staff and meet new friends!

Bring your dog to Paws and Play today, your best friend will thank you!