I LOVE THIS PLACE! I get so excited when mommy says we are going to Paws n Play-I say "BARK BARK BARK" which of course means PAWS N PLAY! Then I run around like crazy until mommy gets all my stuff and me in the car. The ride over is exciting. Once we pass Beacon University I go nutso!! I try really hard to put the window down. Then when we make that turn & I am all over mommy trying to get her to hurry up and open the door! I have so much fun here playing with all the doggies and staff. I've adopted Miss Nancy as my second mother & Lee as daddy! I feel so well taken care of, it's as if I am at my own day spa, being treated like a King (which I am!) I sleep so well here and have made so many friends-even the ones who snore all night long, just like me! 4 PAWS UP!!!

I ALSO LOVE THIS PLACE! I've been bringing Giuseppe here since a few months after it opened & it has made a tremendous difference in my life! I am a Flight Attendant and my husband is in the Army. Deployments were such a hardship as far as me getting to work and leaving my doggie. Paws n Play took all the worry and stress away. Giuseppe is so well taken care of and loved! He is treated like family and I am so relieved to have such an awesome place to leave him. Especially because I know he is having a blast! Thankfully when I pick him up, he is as exhausted as I am, we both can sleep in for a day! I can do my traveling knowing Giuseppe is being so well taken care of & I no longer have to feel guilty about leaving him! May God continue to Bless Paws n Play as they continue to Bless me!

I MUST send you this e-mail to tell you how much I appreciate Paws & Play taking care of bishop today. I knew when I walked in the door that this was going to be exactly what bishop needed. Being single and having to work 5 days straight, I couldn’t spend as much time with him as he deserved, and I couldn’t stand knowing that he was crated 8 hours a day. Your staff was excellent in weaning bishop into the rest of the dogs and having seen how you handled that, I was convinced this was the right place for my boy. Again, thanks to all the staff and owners. Bishop WILL be a regular at your facility.

This is an excellent opportunity to give your dog the exercise and companionship that is vital for their existence! Dogs need other dogs for socialization and well-being. Nancy and her staff are the most awesome people to give your dogs exactly what they need. I have two dogs who go once a week. This is the best experience that I have found for both of them. They are better behaved at home. I have noticed a big difference in their socializing with other dogs when we are in public. My husband and I both teach and coach. We do not always have the time to spend with the girls and we feel less guilty about leaving them for the day when we know that they will get the exercise and attention they need on a regular basis. If your pets really are your best friends, make an appointment today!

We love Paws & Play! They have kept our two dogs (Meah & Dakota) several times and our dogs are always sad when they have to leave! The prices are awesome and the owner and employees are excellent.

Just know that we don’t know what we would do without you and Beck has a happier, fuller life because of you. And, since he is the best dog ever, he deserves it!